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Our trainers are saying that, with Gomo, it's so easy to know what to access on a content level. We can give people content that's relevant to them, whether they're in a retail or call center environment, or anywhere else. Using Gomo allows us to bring out the best from a cosmetic point of view, with beautiful backgrounds, page assets, and pop-ups. It's made a massive difference.

- Dharmesh Chauhan, Senior Online L&D Consultant for Client Sales


Courses developed in five months


Course completions recorded


Positive learner feedback

About Domestic & General

Domestic & General provides specialist appliance warranties and insurance to third-party electrical retailers and some of the biggest appliance manufacturers in the industry. They protect more than 200 different types of electrical items, including boilers, heaters, and large and small domestic appliances.

In the UK, Domestic & General’s extremely busy Client Learning Team coordinates and distributes training about products, warranties, and compliance for third-party call center and retail staff. They also provide training that introduces their business, and content and resources to support just-in-time and on-the-job learning.

The small team consists of three field-based L&D Consultants, two Online Learning Consultants and one Online Coordinator.

Mobile-friendly eLearning that looks great on any device

The Domestic & General team wanted a modern and scalable authoring tool that would enable them to create and deliver eye-catching courses quickly and easily.

A cloud-based infrastructure and continuous scrolling were also important, but one of their key priorities was to deliver mobile learning capabilities. As part of this, they wanted their courses to look great on any device without needing to create separate designs for each screen.

“In the past, with our previous authoring tools, creating content for mobile devices required a lot of work. The output wasn’t always great. Creating a single-build course that had multi-device optimization was really important for us,” says Dharmesh Chauhan, Senior Online L&D Consultant for Client Sales. “It’s important to us that learners are at the heart of key design decisions. We let our client feedback drive our direction. They felt that previous courses were quite clunky but they find our new Gomo-designed content very engaging on different devices.”

As Gomo is template-based, you’re not starting with a blank page. We’re a new online learning team, and in our business, having that structure that helps drive consistency in terms of structure and quality is a great help.

- Dharmesh Chauhan, Senior Online L&D Consultant for Client Sales

The solution: Producing visually engaging courses with themes and templates

Working with learning experts from our partner company, LEO Learning, who provided the art direction, theming and custom coding, four customizable templates were created:

  • A custom Domestic & General theme which can be customised as branding evolves
  • An introduction to Domestic & General module for all clients
  • A product module template
  • A compliance module template

Within the product module template, the team created three sub-categories covering Product Care, Repair Care, and Replacement Care. The compliance module template is split into two call center versions and two retail versions.

The use of a custom theme has helped the team drive down development time. Headings, assets, buttons and sub-screens all carry a consistent style. This has also helped the team meet stringent brand guidelines but also raise standards generally.

“We couldn’t have created the volume of courses in a short space of time without the use of our custom theme. What’s more, if our brand colors were to change, we could update all courses within a few clicks,” says Dharmesh.

The templates, which make full use of Gomo’s column view, help Domestic & General to provide a versatile and stylish framework when they need to create new learning modules.

Gomo does the hard work for their Client Learning team, who then tailor each course according to their client’s specific requirements, including changes to images, language, and product semantics.

During course design, Domestic & General offers users a choice of assets and backgrounds, as well as the ability to supply personalized branding assets. This design flexibility adds value for Domestic & General’s clients.

The results: Easily distributed courses to an on-the-go gorkforce

“As Gomo is template-based, you’re not starting with a blank page. Sometimes you can have too many options and your courses become a bit of a mess, but gomo allows us to create a consistent look while tweaking each course. We’re a new online learning team, and in our business, having that structure that helps drive consistency in terms of structure and quality is a great help,” adds Dharmesh.

The vast majority of their clients use Domestic & General’s Learning Management System (LMS), but they can integrate Gomo courses with their own third-party LMS when necessary.

“We have upskilled two trainers on Gomo so far and they tell me that it’s so easy to know what to access on a content level and how to structure a new course. You don’t feel overloaded with information. Gomo brings out the best from a cosmetic point of view as well. You’ve got the beautiful backgrounds, accordions, page assets, and pop-ups,” Dharmesh says.

The LEO Learning team also created a unique ‘speedometer’ asset for one of Domestic & General’s compliance courses. This shows learners how compliant their answers are and allows organizations to track the difficulty of questions, providing a more informal method of checks and balances before learners take a formal assessment through an LMS.

Increasing the reach and impact of learning with Gomo

In the first four months since launch, Domestic & General has reached more than 1,200 new users with its Gomo-designed courses. Thanks to Gomo’s mobile-friendliness, there’s been a noticeable improvement to learner access and engagement. For example, in retail stores learners are now able to use a tablet to access content when it suits them.

The team has also noticed a rise in learners accessing courses on mobile devices at evenings and weekends. “We want learners to pull content, rather than push it at them. We keep it really simple, and if they need more information we can provide that on-demand or tweak our content,” says Dharmesh.

“We believe that less is more. We’re creating much more consistent learning because of Gomo. We’re very happy and the feedback from our learners has been very good, too.”

Learner assessments are typically carried out on an annual basis but can be increased in frequency for people or groups who are seen to need extra help. “Early compliance scoring has been good, says Dharmesh. “Our trainers have noticed a much more thorough understanding when they’ve gone into businesses that are using these eLearning courses.”

Ninety-eight percent of learners agree that the content is highly relevant to them. One typical comment read: “The learning was clear and concise, very informative, and had a structured flow.”

Domestic & General now plan to use more of Gomo’s features in phase two of the project, including Gomo video, branching and translation for international clients.

Dharmesh adds: “Gomo does the basics brilliantly and there’s a lot more that we can get from it beyond that. We’re beginning to understand some of the more intricate features of Gomo, like branching scenarios and variables. I’ve walked away from the Gomo user groups feeling really inspired. We are extremely pleased with Gomo—it looks great, is easy to use, and provides immediate benefit to a disparate and demanding learner base.”

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