Create eLearning that truly reflects your brand

Everyone wants their eLearning to reflect the look and feel of their brand. It reinforces your brand values and helps create a consistent and professional impression on your learners.

While our standard custom theme library allows you to add your logo and brand colors, we recognize that sometimes ‘off-the-shelf’ just doesn’t cut it.

We can help you create a theme that’s as unique as you are. Our custom theme development service helps you create eLearning that looks exactly the way you want it.

The program of content required a mobile-first authoring platform with the flexibility to provide a truly customized look and feel, one that provides an engaging experience for our learners... Gomo was the tool that meant this could happen.

- Karina Chiechi, Learning & Development Manager Godiva Americas

See how Gomo transformed the eLearning program for Godiva

Our process: how we bring your vision to life

Whether it’s the number of pixels in your padding, or a completely custom menu design, our art director will work with you (or your brand team) down to the last detail.

And once your theme has been created once, you can apply it to any course within Gomo. Achieving consistent, brand-compliant, and beautiful eLearning couldn’t be easier!

Our custom theme development consists of three key phases:

1) Exploration phase

We’ll share examples of previous custom themes to help you understand the different visual elements controlled by a theme. We’ll then review your brand guidelines, discuss your vision, and agree on a sign-off process

2) Design phase

Our art director will iterate designs until signed off.

3) Development phase

Designs are developed into a theme, which is then internally tested. We’ll then upload a version to your Gomo account, so you can test it in a ‘live’ environment. After all production and testing standards have been met, you’re ready to go!

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