Effortless responsive eLearning that’s accessible on any device

Gomo creates responsive eLearning for every learner

Your learners come in all shapes and sizes—and so do the devices they use!

In the same way you expect to effortlessly access your emails on either your mobile phone or your desktop, today’s learner expects the same on-demand experience.

Gomo’s responsive eLearning authoring tool delivers on any screen size, on any device, and in any orientation.

Build inclusive eLearning that caters to a diverse audience

We never fail to be surprised by the diversity of learners’ needs. Even within the same organization, the same core message may have to be delivered to:

  • Field operatives using a tablet
  • Office workers on their desktop
  • A sales executive on their mobile

There’s no escaping the fact that creating truly responsive eLearning content goes beyond a ‘nice to have’—it’s essential for a flexible and inclusive workplace.

If you create eLearning for a global audience, knowing your content will work on any device ensures your content is accessible to everyone.

The program of content required a mobile-first authoring platform with the flexibility to provide a truly customized look and feel, one that provides an engaging experience for our learners... Gomo was the tool that meant this could happen.

- Karina Chiechi, Learning & Development Manager Godiva Americas

See how Gomo transformed the eLearning program for Godiva

No developers required thanks to Gomo’s responsive eLearning design

We believe that you should only have to create your eLearning content once. We know how much hard work and care goes into it.

Gomo’s blend of responsive and adaptive design does all the heavy lifting for you. With Gomo, your learning designers are free to concentrate on doing what they do best: creating engaging eLearning that satisfies learning objectives.

And while this may sound like an obvious benefit, there are still authoring tools out there that make you repeat your content builds in desktop, mobile, and tablet templates!

Find out more with our blog post ‘5 features of a responsive design eLearning authoring tool’.

Adaptive vs responsive design: what’s the difference?

Gomo blends both adaptive and responsive design for the ultimate learner experience.

Responsive design

Resizes and repositions components within a screen so they naturally flow within the dimensions of the device they’re viewed on. This also provides an optimized experience when you change the orientation of your mobile and tablet between portrait and landscape.

Adaptive design

Enhances the user experience by optimizing the interactive elements to the device type.

Take Gomo’s filmstrip asset. On desktop or tablet, the images are supported with a text description box to the side. Navigation arrows show the user how to progress to the next image.

When viewed on mobile, the adaptive design kicks in and recognizes that small navigation arrows don’t translate well to a mobile touchscreen. So the filmstrip here is presented as a vertical sequence of images and associated text, allowing the learner to instinctively swipe through.

For more on this topic, see our blog post 'Responsive vs adaptive content in eLearning'.

Dealing with awkward assets

While our adaptive and responsive design works effortlessly with our pre-built assets, there are rare occasions when an asset type simply won’t work across all devices. For example, long infographics or large 3D maps look best on desktop, not mobile devices.

In these scenarios, you can use display conditions to hide or replace assets by device type. This gives you the flexibility to adapt your course content to deliver the best possible learner experience.

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Cloud-based authoring

Collaborative eLearning has never been so simple. Author anywhere. Deliver everywhere.

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Theme libraries

Gomo includes a range of customizable theme libraries. Easier to build, easier to brand.

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Perfect for enterprise

Gomo is the perfect choice as your go-to enterprise eLearning authoring tool. Our enterprise packages are loved by some of the world’s biggest brands.

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eLearning delivery

Learn more about Gomo's easy eLearning delivery with instant content updates.

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Hosting security

Learn more about how we keep your data safe with our secure cloud-based hosting.

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Full Feature List

Take a closer look at the technical specification of Gomo's learning authoring tool with our full feature list.

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