The eLearning authoring tool that makes it easy to build beautiful courses

Creating eLearning has never been easier

Creating great-looking eLearning shouldn’t be hard. And with Gomo, it isn’t.

Gomo is a collaborative eLearning authoring tool that anyone can use out-of-the-box. But don’t worry, Gomo is still fully customizable and offers advanced features loved by even the most-demanding learning designer. We use HTML5 and the latest web technologies behind the scenes. So while you focus on building engaging and interactive content that’s tailored to your brand, we make sure it works effortlessly on any device.

As we’re cloud-based, you can simply log-in on any web browser to create, review and share your course content. With our leading multi-language and localized content options, it’s perfect for enterprise use. Delivering content to a global network of learners couldn’t be simpler.

Intuitive features for easy course creation

We understand the need to build quick and effective learning. Interactive and media-rich courses are developed using a drag-and-drop interface—absolutely no programming skills are required. Just drop in your learning content and hit the publish button!

  • Pre-built quizzes—just add content
  • Easy-to-use image editors
  • Pre-built screen templates for highly interactive pages
  • Simple course structure overview

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Cloud-based authoring that enables collaborative working

Because Gomo is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool, it's easy for everyone to access. Wherever they are, whenever they need it, your learning designers and SMEs can be on the opposite sides of the world, and still collaborate with ease.

There’s no software to download. Simply log-in and create, review, analyze or deliver content, according to your job role.

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No software to install

Access from anywhere in the world

Collaborate with your colleagues

Live review capabilities

Capture screen-level feedback

Easy updates via central resources

Responsive eLearning that works on any device

When building a course, you want to focus on creating engaging content that meets your learning objectives. So get it right once, and we’ll make sure it looks great on any device.

Our responsive eLearning templates reposition themselves based on the screen space available. It’s more than just about how it looks. Our adaptive design ensures that interactions and functionality are suited for all devices. So where you may ‘click through’ on desktop, you’ll ‘swipe through’ on mobile devices.

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Interactive features to engage your learners

Capturing your learner’s attention and imagination is essential to boost learner engagement and meet your learning objectives. From controlling the content that displays on the screen, to smart-touch interactive images, we’ve got you covered.

And unlike other authoring tools, all of these interactive assets work on any device.

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Best-in-class XLIFF multi-language support for eLearning

Gomo makes it incredibly easy to create courses with multiple languages. This includes right-to-left languages. With simple XLIFF import and export options, build a course once, and you can prepare it for distribution to a global network of learners. Plus with great options to localize content (swapping out images by region, for example), your learning can be truly relevant.

We have one client who uses the same course translated in 85 different countries!

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eLearning delivery and instant content updates

Getting content into the hands of your users is easy with Gomo Delivery. Deliver content to your users, websites, LMS, social media sites and more with a single click.

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Full Feature List

Take a closer look at the technical specification of Gomo's learning authoring tool with our full feature list.

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Create branded eLearning with Gomo’s customizable theme library

Gomo comes with a choice of beautiful theme libraries that offer a clean look and feel. You can easily adjust to suit your brand or project requirements. Add your logo and brand colours to create your own customized theme, and apply it to all of your courses.

Creating branded eLearning content has never been so simple. Want to let your imagination run wild? We also offer customized theme development to bring complicated and ambitious brand visions to life!

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Perfect for enterprise

Gomo was designed to handle large enterprise and global organizations. Our customer success manager is your point-of-contact and is dedicated to ensuring you have the ultimate Gomo experience. There’s also a wealth of product onboarding support and videos so your teams can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

We also offer tailored training for your staff, and custom optimization options to tailor your package. You even have the chance to shape our feature roadmap.

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Hosting security

We know that your security matters, and that if you’re not used to cloud-based software you’ll likely have some questions—it’s only diligent of you to do so!

Rest assured, we work with some of the biggest global brands and meet their stringent security requirements.

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