Collaborative eLearning made easy with Gomo's cloud-based authoring tool

It should be easy to collaborate with your colleagues

It takes a team to create effective and engaging eLearning. Geographical barriers and time restraints traditionally make it hard for your subject matter experts (SMEs), learning designers and line managers (amongst others) to collaborate.

This is where Gomo helps. All you need is a browser. Simply log-in and create, review, analyze, or deliver content according to your job role.

Create your content from anywhere in the world

Everything you do with Gomo is 100% cloud-based. No desktop software to download, install, or configure.

Whether you're creating a course with your colleagues, reviewing it online, or delivering it using Gomo, you do it all via your web browser from anywhere in the world.

Gomo speeds up your workflow and improves your ROI

The beauty of a cloud-based authoring tool is that every time you log in, you’re using the latest version. Your learning design team has instant access to Gomo’s latest interactive features.

There are no annoying software updates to interrupt your day. This also means no jumping through hoops with your IT and HR teams, embedding further ROI value into the lifetime of your authoring tool. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Build it once and deliver a personalized experience for every learner

Gomo’s advanced customized and personalized features allow you to tailor the experience to your learner. Whether it’s by job role, or by learner location, your content is more powerful when it’s relatable.

And the good news is that you only have to build your courses once. With advanced multi-language options, a single course can be delivered in over 250 different languages. You can swap out content by region and build variables that cater for specific accessibility requirements anywhere in the world.

Central assets are saved in the cloud and can be easily (and instantly) updated. So your learners can see your new logo or other assets in the blink of an eye.

Deliver your eLearning instantly to a global workforce

Getting content into the hands of your learners is easy with Gomo. Enterprise customers love our SCORM LMS Wrapper—a tiny 17KB file that allows easy content updates to your LMS.

Deliver content to users, websites, LMSs, social media sites, and more with a single click. Gomo takes the headache out of multi-device publishing—our responsive and adaptive design works perfectly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Secure cloud-based hosting

We know that your security matters, and that if you’re not used to cloud-based authoring software you might have some questions.

Rest assured, we work with some of the biggest global brands and meet their stringent security requirements.

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Responsive eLearning

Gomo’s themes are based on truly responsive and adaptive eLearning design, so they look perfect on any device.

Responsive and adaptive eLearning design

Theme libraries

Gomo includes a range of customizable theme libraries. Easier to build, easier to brand.

Customizable theme libraries

Perfect for enterprise

Gomo is the perfect choice as your go-to enterprise eLearning authoring tool. Our enterprise packages are loved by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Enterprise eLearning authoring tool features

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