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Efficient eLearning content creation for global L&D teams

When your learning designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) work in different offices, countries, or even time zones, working collaboratively can feel like a challenge.

Couple this with the complexities of creating learning content for the diverse learning needs of a global audience, and there’s a lot to consider. We feel your pain.

Luckily, Gomo’s authoring tool is designed with enterprise in mind:

  • We’re cloud-based, allowing global L&D teams to work smartly from any location
  • Custom themes let you create content that’s always on-brand
  • We can empower your SMEs to share their knowledge
  • Drag and drop content for efficient builds and optimized workflows
  • Advanced multi-language options
  • Easy delivery options that allow (near) instant updates to your LMS

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Gomo’s cloud-based hosting enables collaborative eLearning

Your learning team can all use Gomo, wherever they are in the world, at the same time. All they need is a browser. Once your instructional designer updates content, they can simply share a link with your SME for review.

Your SME can also instantly review, and is free to comment and correct to their heart’s content. Thanks to role-restricted logins, they won’t be able to break the mechanics of your course. So there are no expensive fixes to interrupt your workflow.

Time zones are no longer a barrier. Location is no longer an obstacle. Gomo empowers global L&D teams to work smartly.

Find out more about cloud-based authoring.

Custom themes: Create learning content that’s always on-brand

The look and feel of your eLearning content matters. It reinforces your brand values, provides an engaging experience, and helps your learner focus on the content itself, moving them towards their learning objectives.

Gomo makes it easy for you to achieve a visually consistent, on-brand library of courses:

  • Simply choose from a number of different, pre-styled themes
  • Add your company logo and brand colors
  • And away you go! You now have branded, responsive eLearning templates.

Getting the green light from your brand department has never been simpler. And your course content is future-proofed—if your branding requirements change, simply update the template.

For more advanced branding requirements, we offer a custom theme development service.

Gomo empowers your SMEs to share their knowledge

Most enterprise-sized organizations have a wealth of SME knowledge that often goes untapped. To let your SMEs create learning content on most authoring tools would require them to have both learning and graphic design skill-sets.

Gomo is flexible and powerful enough for all levels of users to feel comfortable creating eLearning content. Your L&D team can embed learning design methodologies and best practices by creating the framework that allows your SMEs to simply drag and drop their content into place.

How an eLearning authoring tool empowers SME knowledge share:

  • Use pre-set themes that are easily tailored to your brand
  • Instinctive course overview maps out the learner journey
  • Choose from a wide range of interactive features
  • Simply drag and drop learning content into place
  • A simple review process for collaborative working
  • Streamline your process—L&D experts and SMEs use the same tool

Advantages of letting your SMEs create their own eLearning content:

  • Promotes a learning culture across your organization
  • Encourages knowledge share
  • Reduces time pressure on your L&D team

Gomo is easy to use, and full of advanced features

Gomo is pre-configured with a wide choice of easy-to-use features, built with efficiency in mind. After all, a quick build that improves your workflow allows you to benefit from economies of scale.

With pre-set themes that are easily tailored to your brand and drag-and-drop content, your content authors don’t need to act as graphic designers. Gomo’s extensive feature set was created by learning designers who understand the requirements of enterprise customers.

Our enterprise eLearning authoring tool delivers:

  • Consistent, on-brand visuals
  • Engaging features for common scenarios
  • Fully customizable themes

Advanced features for complex learner journeys:

  • Job role and geographic variants
  • Dynamic branching scenarios
  • Screen locking avoids ‘click-through’ learning

Did you know? We’re always adding new features, and all of our enterprise customers are invited to have their say. We value your thoughts and actively seek feedback.

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Multi-language eLearning for global workforces

Gomo’s advanced multi-language and simple translation options set us apart from other content authoring tools.

With over 250 languages supported, we’re designed for global learners. One of our customer’s most popular courses has been translated into 85 different languages!

Edit content in Gomo itself, or send our easy XLIFF exports directly to your translation agency. Plus, with localized content options (such as imagery), you can be sure your content is always understood, and always relevant.

Deliver your eLearning instantly to a global workforce

Getting content into the hands of your learners is easy with Gomo Delivery.

Our SCORM LMS Wrapper makes it easy to update content in your LMS (even across multiple LMSs). With your content hosted centrally in the cloud, your learners will have instant access to any updates. So if someone does spot a typo after your course has launched, no problem—it’s a quick fix. No wonder the LMS wrapper is a time-saving feature loved by our enterprise clients!

Learn more about Gomo’s eLearning delivery options.

Outstanding customer support that keeps you moving

We understand that having a single point of contact makes your life easier. Our dedicated customer success managers are here to make sure your daily experience with Gomo runs smoothly.

In addition to this, we offer a number of supporting resources that are designed to help you onboard your staff quickly and efficiently.

  • Video-call support*
  • Gomo Academy (learn from the experts with our practical ‘how-to’ guides and videos
  • Knowledge base (online support)
  • Ticketing service support
  • Quarterly account review (get the most out of Gomo)*
  • Visibility and input into roadmap*

*Exclusive to enterprise customers

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Secure cloud-based hosting

Rest assured, we work with some of the biggest global brands and meet their stringent security requirements.

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